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Why Choose Wood?

Or more importantly, which wood would you choose? Because believe it or not, not all woods are equal.


Most people know about softwood and hardwood. The two woods have their own positives and appropriate uses but why do we choose oak? Oak is not only beautiful and tactile but it is naturally the most durable and long-lasting of hardwoods. A native species to our beloved Norfolk, our favourite property of oak is its stunning and unique grain pattern meaning no two Holder & Hook products are alike.



One important thing to remember is that just because a product is wooden, does not mean it is eco friendly. Many companies use imported wood sourced from unsustainable forests or manufactured woods which have factory carbon footprints to consider. Did you know only 8% of the world's forest is protected from unsustainable destruction? That is why replanting is such an important part of Holder & Hook. To date we have planted nearly 2000 native species in our woodland to ensure it lasts for many more lifetimes.



There are lots of ways you can make sure you're buying the most eco-friendly wood you can. Try to avoid wood sourced from outside the EU, such as Asia and South America as its much harder to find certified sources. Choose products made from long lasting hardwood to ensure durability. Plywood and other manufactured materials are not biodegradable and use chemicals such as formaldehyde adhesive in their production.

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