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At Holder & Hook we pride ourselves on using only the finest wood and it's important to know how to care for it so here's our quick guide!

The kiln dried oak we use is chosen for it's natural grain pattern and longevity. The oak is sourced a stones throw from our workshop in our own small woods. It is carefully selected in line with our sustainable woodland management plan and for every tree felled, 5 more are planted.  


Oak is one of nature's most durable materials and, when properly cared for, will last a lifetime. Follow our care advice to ensure your Holder & Hook product stands the test of time.

Before leaving our workshop, all our products are hand finished and oiled with either our food safe board oil or our homemade wood wax.

All Holder & Hook products are made from kiln dried oak which contains very low levels of moisture to ensure the wood moves as little as possible. Wood is naturally hygroscopic so will change according to its environment. Therefore, please avoid keeping your item near heat sources such as Agas and ovens, or a damp environment such as a wet room. 


Chopping boards will need to be re-oiled every 10-12 weeks depending on usage as per its care instructions. Never place in a dishwasher, oven or microwave. To clean your board, wipe down with warm water and dry immediately. Never submerge in water or scrub your board and, where possible, store flat rather than on its edge.


All our house signs are deeply engraved and treated with a durable UV satin oil. To keep your sign looking its best, we recommend reapplying Osmo UV protective oil annually or as needed. Lightly sand the surface of the sand with a fine grit sandpaper and oil as per Osmo instructions. Please be aware that the location of your sign will affect how it weathers and it's durability. 


Over time you will notice the oak start to dry out a little and lose its lustre. This is when you will need to reapply our wood wax with a soft, dry cloth and paying particular attention to end grain areas.

You can buy either our board oil or wood wax here.

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