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-   OUR STORY  -

CUT ABOVE • a great shot from the talent
SETTING SUN • so that’s another weekend
CRAFTED • if you saw our stories today,
FALL • which is exactly what I shall I d

Holder & Hook are husband and wife team James & Katie. Based in rural South Norfolk, where we are lucky to have our workshop right next door to our very own woodland. 

We sustainably manage our woodland and for every tree felled, we plant at least 10 more to ensure our woodland will last many lifetimes.

  Since taking ownership of the site, we have planted over 1500 native trees, not just offsetting our own carbon footprint but ensuring that we are in fact a carbon negative company. 

We wanted to share our passion for the natural beauty and longevity of oak. All our pieces are hand crafted with attention to detail, completely bespoke and made to last. Our shop features all our most loved designs but at the heart of our business is the ideal that each and every product can be customised. Simple alterations such as sizing tea light holders to fit perfectly on your dining table to completely designing your own product can all be undertaken. Why not chat to us now about your ideas


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